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It appears that the chertification temperatures are least estimates of the diagenetic fluid temperatures owing to contamination by the oxygen ratio of the protolith.
Chertification in places along fractures and porous zones in the dolomite units has produced pod-like chert masses with entrapped "islands" of dolomite.
It is at localities where the Alibates is directly overlain by Ogallala that the most extensive chertification has taken place.
There, chertification has taken place most extensively and chert has completely replaced the upper dolomite member (Bowers 1975).
Some rocks are chertified dolomite (10 to 50% silica) and represent both intermediate stages of chertification and transitional contact zones between chert and dolomite rock.
0 mm away from a completely filled cavity, thus showing extreme localization or selectivity of the chertification.
The chertification process is revealed under the microscope.
The main conclusion, based on correlative black shale of the Dobele Formation and micritic limestone of the Saarde Formation containing chertification, barite occurrences, and increased [delta][sup.
As stated above, black shale in the deep shelf, contemporaneous micritic limestone formation, widespread chertification, barite occurrences, and [delta][sup.
High primary bioproductivity in the Aeronian was suggested considering organic-carbon-rich black shale in the deep shelf contemporaneous with micritic limestone, large-scale chertification, barite occurrences, and a mild positive excursion in [delta][sup.