Thoracic Cavity

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thoracic cavity

[thə′ras·ik ′kav·əd·ē]
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Thoracic Cavity


the anterior (in man, the superior) portion of the body cavity in mammals, separated from the abdominal cavity by the diaphragm.

The respiratory tract, lungs, esophagus, heart, thymus, and the bronchial and lymph nodes are all located in the thoracic cavity; blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves pass through it as well. The space in the thoracic cavity between the concave inner surfaces of the lungs, in which (in a special pericardial cavity) the heart is located, is called the mediastinum. The thoracic cavity is lined with a serous membrane called the pleura. The lungs are enclosed in the so-called pleural cavities, which are separate in man but communicate with one another in the majority of mammals. The shape of the thoracic cavity depends upon the shape of the thorax and the position of the diaphragm.

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The chest cavity was pierced causing air and blood to go in the cavity.
The surgical procedure was strenuous as the area left to perform the surgery within the chest cavity was limited.
In the thorax injuries, when only chest wall was involved, debridement and dressing was done but when chest cavity was injured and there was haemothorax or pneumothorax then chest intubation was done.
The report also stated that the detainee had abrasions all over his body, a brain hemorrhage, fractures to the ribs, and bleeding in the chest cavity.
What is the scientific term for the human chest cavity? 4.
Viking Solutions has a new tool that takes the difficulty out of splitting the chest cavity and pelvic bone of big game animals.
Viking Solutions keeps making field dressing a deer even easier with the introduction of the Deer Splitter--a tool that lets you quickly split the chest cavity and pelvis with 19 times the normal force, What this means is that you can now keep your hands and knife outside the deer during the process.
The annals of the case are summed up in that the accused had killed the victim who belongs to the same nationality in June 2012 at the Marina Club in Manama in the aftermath of a dispute by stabbing the victim into the chest with a knife which pierced the chest cavity, tore the heart muscle and caused bleeding which led to the victim's demise.
That, of course, is when the deer is in a position where the broadhead can penetrate the side of the deer's rib cage and enter the chest cavity at an angle that can slice through both lungs.
In most cases, cardiologists no longer implant pacemakers by opening the chest cavity. They usually insert the generator (with the battery and other devices) beneath the skin of the neck and the stimulating wires are pthrough the jugular vein to the heart.
The impact left her intestines and part of her liver in her chest cavity, making it harder and harder for her to breathe.
The elephant's respiratory system is quite exceptional as it lacks a pleural cavity and lungs are directly attached to the walls of the chest cavity. Keeping in view the unique physique, the vet authorities recommend the zoo-keepers not to allow the animal lay in a position that may suppress its chest.