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Officers found two shooting victims at the base of an outside stairwell - one with a chest wound and one with an arm wound.
Biopsies of the chest wound were positive for basal cell carcinoma.
Apparently, he then touched the chest of his friend with the knife and the latter reacted, after which the 17-year-old complained of feeling pain and noticed blood on his shirt and a chest wound.
He had been arrested on Monday after an incident in the car park which left a 36-year-old man seriously ill with a chest wound, after reportedly being stabbed with a sword.
Police called to the scene on Saturday in White Pine, Tennessee, found McKayla on the ground with a chest wound. She was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.
The mother immediately called police, and authorities arrived to discover the suspect just inside the front door with a chest wound. He was flown by a helicopter to a nearby hospital, but died from his injuries.
Little Marques Green died of a chest wound in the second fatal child shooting in Ohio in a month.
The court heard the fatal chest wound court heard the fatal chest wound cut through a major artery and cut through a major artery and vein and Sean bled to death.
According to the spokeswoman, Sikander was being kept at the hospital because of his chest wound but his condition has been improving.
Israeli forces suppressed the demonstration with tear gas, injuring two minors identified as Obada Barjiya, who suffered a chest wound, and Harith Barjiya, whose head was wounded.
A 51-year-old man was treated for a leg wound and a 49-year-old man was treated for a chest wound. They were both later released from hospital.
If you suspect a chest wound, check the victim carefully all around his torso so that you do not miss any second or exit wounds.