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Officers found two shooting victims at the base of an outside stairwell - one with a chest wound and one with an arm wound.
The court heard the fatal chest wound court heard the fatal chest wound cut through a major artery and cut through a major artery and vein and Sean bled to death.
According to the spokeswoman, Sikander was being kept at the hospital because of his chest wound but his condition has been improving.
Israeli forces suppressed the demonstration with tear gas, injuring two minors identified as Obada Barjiya, who suffered a chest wound, and Harith Barjiya, whose head was wounded.
A 51-year-old man was treated for a leg wound and a 49-year-old man was treated for a chest wound.
Any chest wound should be treated as a potential "sucking chest wound," even if the penetrating hole is small and not bleeding much.
of a chest wound on the combat position on January 26 around 11:40 pm after junior sergeant Yuri Gareginyan had fired at him from his
It says 64-year-old Adriana Ribeiro de Jesus died of a chest wound after the metal structure that served as the exit from the food court collapsed late Saturday during a burst of strong winds.
Police spokesman Don Aaron said Welch's wife found him with a chest wound at their Nashville home around midday local time.
The victim was treated in the University Hospital of North Tees for the chest wound.
Hilary told Perth Sheriff Court she could recall little of the fracas in June that left her with a chest wound.
When CSI's Riley Adams (Lauren Lee Smith) snaps on the latex to pick a bit of material from a mysterious chest wound, our hearts beat a little faster.