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GFR Among Moderate and Severe Malnutrition GFR Moderate Severe p Value N % N % Decreased 8 34.78 25 51.02 0.37997 Normal 13 56.52 22 44.90 Increased 2 8.70 2 4.08 Total 23 100.00 49 100.00 The chi-square statistic is 1.9353.
The chi-square statistic is used under certain conditions instead of the t-test or analysis of variance (ANOVA).
In addition, chi-square statistic is used to access the methods performance which is given by [36]
Note: Chi-square statistic and P-level are for a Mood's median test evaluating the statistical significance of the difference between the "as reported" and "pro forma" medians.
The Pearson chi-square statistic was 5.28 and approached statistical significance (p<.07).
Contingency table analyses using the Chi-square statistic were used to determine whether the reasons for use and non-use were independent of the descriptive variables mentioned above.
One of the most commonly used fit indices is the chi-square statistic and its associated probability, which in the context of categorical and/or non-normal data is replaced by the Satorra-Bentler scaled chi-square, S-B [chi square].
Indeed, with these data, the logrank chi-square statistic (with 1 d.f.) is 1.36 (P = 0.24), and the generalized Wilcoxon chi-square statistic is 1.12 (P = 0.27); we would fail to reject the hypothesis of equality of survival distributions for the two cohorts with either of these tests.
Table 5 presents calculations of the Chi-square statistic and the contingency coefficient for selected factors in a short-term management area.
An investigation of the restraints with respect to sample size commonly imposed on the use of the Chi-square statistic. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 66, 755-759.