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see squirrelsquirrel,
name for small or medium-sized rodents of the family Sciuridae, found throughout the world except in Australia, Madagascar, and the polar regions; it is applied especially to the tree-living species.
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Some rodents, such as the chickaree, or red squirrel, that were normally vegetarian ate meat in the highest regions in order to obtain sufficient salt.
see a chickaree come out of the dry grasses, pale gold in the early
To keep his deer from searching elsewhere for food, Bill runs more than 20 acres of food plots consisting of beans, clovers, oats, chickaree and corn.
18 The chickaree is an American species of which animal?
She should also enjoy the return to this venue and can get one over on Chickaree, who snatched victory from kennelmate Droopys Ramon over this trip last week.