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symbol for the element cesiumcesium
[Lat.,=bluish gray], a metallic chemical element; symbol Cs; at. no. 55; at. wt. 132.90545; m.p. 28.4°C;; b.p. 669.3°C;; sp. gr. 1.873 at 20°C;; valence +1. Cesium is a ductile, soft-as-wax, silver-white metallic element. It is in Group 1 of the periodic table.
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chemical compound (orthochlorobenzalmalonitrile) used in riot control and, by the military, as a harassing agent. The compound is dispersed as an aerosol or as a finely divided powder. Exposure to CS causes intense pain in the eyes and upper respiratory tract; the pain spreads to the lungs and gives the sensation of suffocation. In humid weather CS may cause severe blistering of the skin. Heavy exposure to the compound may cause serious lung damage, resulting in death. Nonetheless, CS is less toxic than many other tear gasestear gas,
gas that causes temporary blindness through the excessive flow of tears resulting from irritation of the eyes. The gas is used in chemical warfare and as a means for dispersing mobs.
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. CS was first synthesized in the 1920s by Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton; the compound's name is derived from their initials.


(fluid mechanics)




1. Abbr. for “caulking seam.”
2. Abbr. for cast stone.
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Donald Regan, Reagan's chief of staff, had his head put on the chopping block during Iran-Contra, failed in an attempt at a vindictive book and couldn't get back on track with a financial career.
On the other hand, the Chief of Staff added that BDF has allocated special interest for the advanced and basic military training, and spared no efforts in organizing and preparing a number of military courses for the various weapons.
Peyer, director, logistics, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces, Hickam AFB, Hawaii, to director, resource integration, deputy chief of staff, logistics, installations, and mission support, Headquarters, U.
He would leave all that to his famously brash and tough chief of staff and focus his attention on his consuming interest, foreign affairs.
The process followed in 1989 required that each physician complete a "self-appraisal," which was forwarded to the chief of staff or department head.
The BDF Chief of Staff returned to Bahrain today noon where he was welcomed by a number of senior officers.
First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell, who was a finalist for chief in the 2002 search that led to Bratton's hiring, will become Bratton's chief of staff, replacing Deputy Chief Michael Berkow.
Thompson, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations at MTMC Headquarters, who is leading a team that is gathering input from the work force at both the Headquarters and the Deployment Support Command.
In short, Clerks are to Titans what the chief of staff is to the president.
DEFENCE Forces chief of staff Dermot Earley has been awarded one of the highest military honours - the Distinguished Service Medal.
McCoy, director, logistics readiness, deputy chief of staff, logistics, installations and mission support, Headquarters U.

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