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political leader of a band, tribe, or confederation of tribes. At the simpler levels of social organization, the band or tribe usually lacks centralized authority and is ruled by the totality of adult males or of family or clanclan,
social group based on actual or alleged unilineal descent from a common ancestor. Such groups have been known in all parts of the world and include some that claim the parentage or special protection of an animal, plant, or other object (see totem).
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 heads. Sometimes a temporary headman is chosen for a special occasion such as a hunting or war party. When authority is concentrated in one individual on a more permanent basis, the chief may have limited functions, such as the organization and supervision of work parties, religious ceremonies, the collection and distribution of goods, or service as a war leader. A community may possess several chiefs among whom various functions are divided. Chieftainship may be achieved through inherent qualities of leadership, through the display of powers considered supernatural (see shamanshaman
, religious practitioner in various, generally small-scale societies who is believed to be able to diagnose, cure, and sometimes cause illness because of a special relationship with, or control over, spirits.
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), through rank or wealth, or through hereditary succession. The power of chiefs is usually checked by custom and by kinship allegiances. The term chiefdom is sometimes used in political anthropology to designate a particular degree of social organization, intermediate between tribe and state.


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Supply in January on the international market was 34.2% up year-on-year, chiefly due to new daily routes to Santo Domingo, Miami and Orlando which started by the end of last year.
Imports in March rose largely due to an increase of 22.4 per cent in manufactured goods, classified chiefly by material and 7.6 per cent surge in machinery and transport equipment.
The outlook revision and the downgrade of the ICR are reflective of Unique's recent contribution of USD2m (EUR1.5m) to help with the launch of a sister company, Stonegate Insurance Co, which has been established to chiefly underwrite higher limit standard auto insurance business in Illinois, AM Best explained.
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