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1. a feverish cold
2. a metal plate placed in a sand mould to accelerate cooling and control local grain growth



a sensation of cold that is caused by spasms of the superficial blood vessels. Chill is also accompanied by skin-muscle spasms, a phenomenon known as gooseflesh, and by muscle tremors, which arise mostly in the masticatory muscles and also in the muscles of the shoulder girdle, spine, and extremities. Chill often occurs as fever begins to rise in many pathological conditions, including traumas and infections. While experiencing chill, the body loses heat at a lower rate and produces heat at a higher rate; the increased heat production is due to muscle contraction, and after the body temperature rises, the chill usually ceases. Chill also occurs at the height of a fever if the body temperature fluctuates sharply.

Nervous, as opposed to physiological, chill is only a subjective sensation that occurs, for example, in neuroses. Chill is a normal protective reaction in response to exposure to cold. It can also occur in excitable persons under conditions of fear or agitation.


A metal plate inserted in the surface of a sand mold or placed in the mold cavity to rapidly cool and solidify the casting, producing a hard surface.
White or mottled iron occurring on the surface of a rapidly cooled gray iron casting.


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Most atmospheric chilled water TES tanks are hydraulically connected to the chilled water system by installing the TES tank(s) next to the chiller plant, using the plant's primary and secondary pumping to charge and discharge the tank.
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We conclude i) the combination of tower storage plus chilling (T-C) depressed flight ability more than tower storage without prolonged chilling (T-NC) or relaxed storage with chilling (R-C) for both GT and HW flies, and ii) tower storage had a greater negative effect on GT than HW flies as evidenced by the significantly greater flight ability of GT flies held in relaxed conditions but subjected to chilling (R-C) compared to GT flies held in towers but not chilled for 2 h (T-NC).
Sharwood's entered the chilled market just over a year ago with a range of Thai, Chinese and Indian sauces, saying the format could meet customer demand for lighter, fresher options.
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According to the results, primary only chilled water sys terns reduced total annual plan energy by three to eight percent, first cost by four to eight percent, and life-cycle cost by three to five percent relative to conventional constant primary flow/variable secondary flow chilled water systems.
The chilled soup is a summer specialty served often at lunch or dinner.
The Department has advised us that they have identified approximately 100 taxpayers that they strongly believe have outstanding tax liabilities for unmetered electricity and chilled water.
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For years, surgeons performing operations that may temporarily limit oxygen supplies to the brain have reduced the risk of surgery-related brain damage by chilling patients in advance--generally by placing them in a cooled room and by infusing them with chilled intravenous fluids.
A chilled cast iron roll is manufactured by pouring molten iron of a specific quality into a steel jacketed form or mold that is positioned vertically.