Chimney breast

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Chimney breast

A projection into a room of the fireplace walls that form the front portion of the chimney stack.

chimney breast, chimney piece

A projection into a room of fireplace walls forming the front portion of the chimney stack.

parrel, chimney breast

A chimneypiece or the ornaments of a chimneypiece collectively.
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If the chimney breast is exposed on the side of the house then it is important to keep the pointing sound as well as any gutters that might pass around the stack otherwise water will soak horizontally through the brickwork at this point because many cavity walls become solid brick walls at the chimney breast I keep blasting on about never simply shutting off an old fireplace unless you fit a vent so that warm air can leak out of the room and rise up the flue, keeping it dry inside.
"Finally, poor pointing and rendering, as well as inefficient flashing on chimney breasts, can allow water to stream into a property and these are among the more common problem areas.
On the chimney breasts, however, they couldn't prevent the damp penetration but the heat of the fire evaporated the water from the inside.
Mr Zafar Ali Malik, landlord of the house next door, said he had removedthe chimney breasts 10 years earlier to create more space but had no idea the chimney served both houses.
On the first floor there is a family bathroom with power shower and two double bedrooms, both with projected chimney breasts.
The first length should be hung in the centre of a focal point, such as a chimney breast. Work outwards from this length, and the pattern should fall in an aesthetically pleasing way.
The other day, however, we were asked to comment on dampness that had started to occur near to ground-floor level, on a chimney breast in the middle of a house.