chimney can

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chimney pot, chimney can

chimney pot
A cylindrical pipe of brick, terra-cotta, or metal placed atop a chimney to extend and thereby increase the draft.
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"Blockages in the chimney can alter the combustion balance or cause carbon monoxide to enter the home.
Creosote buildup in a chimney can turn what is usually a source of comfort and coziness into a funnel of fiery destruction and even death.
The West Yorkshire Fire Service warned a blocked or defective chimney can cause both chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning if left unswept.
Between March 2010 and March 2011, there were 103 chimney fires across Warwickshire, and station commander Paul Morely said: "Without proper maintenance a chimney can become dangerous and you should take care to have your chimney swept regularly."
Walls of masonry, usually brick, surround the flue(s) to protect your house from the heat One chimney can contain several flues, but each flue can serve only one type of fuel-burning device, that is, wood, natural gas or oil.