chimney flue

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An incombustible, heat-resistant enclosed passage in a chimney to control and carry away products of combustion from a fireplace to the outside air. Often, several fireplaces within a home are connected to a single large flue, but it is also common to carry up one flue for each fireplace.
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Fire Officer Lacey said: "Regular inspection and cleaning of chimney flues will help to prevent fires.
The inquest was told the living room door had been closed and no windows were open and with the chimney flue blocked there was nowhere for the fumes to escape.
The inquest was told the boiler, chimney flue and ventilation system at the pub did not meet British safety standards.
24-inch-tall oval terra-cotta chimney flue liners: 2 A piece of flagstone about 21 inches wide by 32 inches long
Mr Blakemore said his client felt aggrieved that Mr and Mrs Iles' home had a chimney flue which blew smoke onto her property and there were also parking problems which had caused tension.
A spokeswoman for Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service said the blaze had been caused by a defective chimney flue.
Small fires can smoulder for hours or even days in the chimney flue and therefore can easily go undetected.
We can even close off any unused chimneys, remembering to build in an air brick to keep the chimney flue ventilated.
But you need adequate ventilation as otherwise the house will become stuffy - you should make sure there are air bricks in the wallsand the chimney flue is kept clear.
Last night, Mr Graham, a film and media production student, of Windsor Gardens, Mr Flannery, 19, a chimney flue fitter, of Madeira Avenue, both Whitley Bay, and Mr Hindmarsh, 34, of Warren Court, Ashington, were rewarded with scrolls from the Royal Humane Society.
Chimney Flue Can and pre-fabrication assembly of structure: Out of 1200 tones, around 200 Tons of pre-fabricated assembly of Cans and structure is completed