Chimney piece

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Chimney piece

An ornamental embellishment above or around the fireplace opening.

chimney breast, chimney piece

A projection into a room of fireplace walls forming the front portion of the chimney stack.

chimney piece

An ornament over and around a fireplace framing the mantel or the casing of the chimney breast.
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A shadow lay across the kitchen floor; it was that of the deaf mute, as he stood on a chair before the fire, supporting himself on the chimney piece with one puny arm, while he reached overhead with the other.
The marble washstand, the dressing table, the little sofa, the tables, the bronze clock on the chimney piece, the window curtains, and the portieres were all new and expensive.
In Bruce Street, two chimney pieces came down through roofs, while in Colquhoun Street large holes were blown in the roofs of two household stores.
There will be something for everybody with a vast array of pieces available such as marble statues, stone columns, substantial garden lion statues, impressive carved stone chimney pieces, period fire surrounds and inserts, wooden beams and marble flooring and tiles.
All of them have impressively high ceilings, intricately carved white marble chimney pieces and tall windows, as well as the Wing's signature frieze, cornice and ceiling plasterwork.
Among the British dealers are Max Rutherston, who brings Japanese art; Robin Martin with 18th-century decorative objects; Peter Finer with arms and armour; Nicholas Gifford-Mead with antique chimney pieces and fire furniture; Richard Saltoun with modern and contemporary art; and the Tomasso Brothers, and Giovanni Tomasso Ltd with a selection of fine art and European sculpture.
Their designs form the centrepiece for the new exhibition and include sketches for a library carpet design, a skylight with celestial motifs and chimney pieces for the grand entrance hall, which show the intricate passageways of flues and air circulation.
Instant expert SOTHEBY'S the auctioneers is holding its first-ever sale dedicated entirely to antique chimney pieces and fire grates.
Also displayed are a fantastic range of natural stone chimney pieces with inglenook chambers, all complemented by 'live' Living Flame basket fires and stoves.
Savour his etchings, original drawings and prints, as well as fantastic chimney pieces, carriage works, furniture, light fixtures and other decorative pieces.
Essays consider Chinese dragon robes, needlework chimney pieces, elements of Japanese traditional couture, and the evolution of ceremonial and daily dress across the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Europe.