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The chimney: At 53m, the chimney shaft is a landmark that can be spotted from afar.
Locals were puzzled by the odd little tower, and often speculated as to its purpose, especially as they sometimes saw a light shining from the tiny windows or smoke emitting from the miniscule chimney shaft.
But prison officers discovered the hole, which led into an old chimney shaft at Preston Prison, Lancs.
Its chimney shaft had been used as a skip and was full of builders' rubble, pushing the price tag for refurbishment even higher.
PORTLAND - A University of Oregon student died when he fell down a chimney shaft at a downtown Portland apartment complex, fire officials said.
But his ambitious digging led him to the chimney shaft - and he fell straight through to the flat downstairs.
She plunged down the chimney shaft and became stuck behind a gas-fire in the lounge.