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chimney swallow:

see swiftswift,
common name for small, swallowlike birds related to the hummingbird and found all over the world, chiefly in the tropics. They range in size from 6 to 12 in. (15–30 cm) in length. Swifts have long wings and small feet and can perch only on vertical surfaces.
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This time the party was in Elgin, outside Abbott Middle School, site of Kane County Audubon's fourth annual Chimney Swift Sit.
Please make all financial donations to the the Hartland Chimney Swift Roost Fund, First Bank Financial Centre, 800 Cardinal Lane, PO Box 257, Hartland WI 53029.
Lastly, 12 species served as indicators for Bohm Woods: Acadian Flycatcher, American Robin, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Downy woodpecker, Wood Thrush, Hairy Woodpecker, Chimney Swift, Northern Flicker, Yellow Warbler, White-throated Sparrow, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Swainson's Thrush.
If the basic structure of the novel can be traced along Laurel's increasingly trenchant sensibility to the interpretation of life, it can also extend to the reader's increasing sensibility to the processes of revaluative reading itself: allusions to Sterne can be traced through Part II (the mantle clock), Part III (capture by the chimney swift), and Part IV (release of/by the chimney swift).
The chimney swifts cling to a wall and sleep and then rise.
A chimney swift (4) flies (5) into my windowless (6) office.
From my Coles County 1965-1987 records in their table 4, each species is listed below by increasing variability with its sample years--mean arrival dates--standard errors--range of arrival days: Chimney Swift - 22 - 4/15 - 0.57 - 10; Rose-breasted Grosbeak - 22 - 4/28 - 0.67 - 13; Magnolia Warbler - 22 - 5/07 - 0.73 - 15; Least Flycatcher - 20 - 5/02 - 0.75 - 12; Cape May Warbler - 19 - 5/05 - 0.78 - 12; Eastern Wood-Pewee - 21 - 5/04 - 0.79 - 17; Baltimore Oriole - 22 - 4/26 - 0.81 - 14; Common Yellowthroat - 22 - 4/23 - 0.83 - 14; Great Crested Flycatcher - 22 - 4/29 - 0.89 - 17; Gray Catbird - 22 - 4/26 - 0.95 - 17.
The chimney swift tower near the entrance to the Volo Bog State Natural Area is the most visible project, but there are many examples elsewhere of the work of a small but hardy group of veterans.
Charles, led the construction of a 14-foot tall chimney swift tower at Jon Duerr Forest Preserve in South Elgin for his Eagle Scout project.
In spring, arrive early to see swallows and chimney swifts chase insects above the water.
Spit & Sticks: A Chimney Full of Swifts is a children's picturebook about a nesting family of chimney swifts. The simple story follows the swifts as they use spit and sticks to build a nest, hatch hungry babies, feed their children and teach them to fly, and eventually migrate to their other home.
CHIMNEY SWIFTS: America's Mysterious Birds above the Fireplace PAUL D.