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hard, white, translucent pottery with soft glazeglaze,
translucent layer that coats pottery to give the surface a finish or afford a ground for decorative painting. Glazes—transparent, white, or colored—are fired on the clay.
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, known as porcelainporcelain
[Ital. porcellana], white, hard, permanent, nonporous pottery having translucence which is resonant when struck. Porcelain was first made by the Chinese to withstand the great heat generated in certain parts of their kilns.
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. It originated in China but is now produced in various countries. Its composition is of kaolin and petuntse.
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Passengers traveling on Hong Kong Airlines' inaugural Hong Kong to Los Angeles flight were the first to dine from a series of newly designed tableware, consisting of chinaware, glassware, and cutlery.
The museum also contains some more modern pieces including 19th century glassware, silverware, chinaware and precious jewels.
Since its foundation in 1967, SARA Group has become one of the leading retail, project, and wholesale distributors of luxury bathroom products, high quality ceramics, world class hospitality products, and beautifully designed chinaware, glassware, and cutlery.
Another option would be the Noritake chinaware, a favorite of the Japanese imperial household and a constant feature in government banquets.
At EverStyle we offer a wide range of products from leading hospitality and kitchen brands; everything from chinaware and glassware, to table lamps and linens.
Shadya Al Ismaili runs a fine jewellery and chinaware business, and says that one of her largest challenges is hiring skilled workers for her manufacturing facility.
The simplified results of this study showed that, when Plateau floral beadwork was compared to floral designs on glazed chinaware, (which the Plateau people might have been exposed to at Fort Vancouver) the two matched in only one out of seven of the points of comparison, listed above.
The quirky touches, from quotes in frames on the wall, to the selection of teapots and regal chinaware. There was a fantastic old-fashioned luggage case on one worktop filled with leaflets and books, containing a wealth of local knowledge.
The works will be funded by the Royal Collection Trust charity, which does not receive public funding, but generates its income from admissions to official royal residences such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor and Holyroodhouse and The Queen's Galleries, and from the sale of gifts and chinaware in its shops.
Targeted at families, the restaurant is promising live cooking stations featuring Chinese, Indian, and other favourites including oysters, sushi, sashimi, grilled lobsters and foie gras, all served on Versace chinaware. The brunch will be priced between Dh350 and Dh650, depending on beverage choices, and will be held every Friday from 1-4pm.
Alternatively, the boards have a black side that can "cast shadows" or get rid of unwanted highlights on reflective subjects such as chinaware.
It's the finer details that exude the intricacy put into this hotel; there are over 3,000 pieces of handcrafted glasses and over 9,000 pieces of handcrafted chinaware created especially for Marsa Malaz Kempinski.