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see cinchonacinchona
or chinchona
, name for species of the genus Cinchona, evergreen trees of the madder family native to the Andean highlands from Bolivia to Colombia and also to some mountainous regions of Panama and Costa Rica.
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Phloroglucinol (PG) is a phenolic compound predominantly found in xylem sap of apple and is known to promote growth and development in a number of plant species such as Chinchona ledgeriana, apple cultivars and cocoa [13].
LONG VOWEL MIDDLE SYMBOL s t a: t s (starts) s t 3: t s (sturts - startles) DIPHTHONG MIDDLE SYMBOL s t el t s (states) s t au t s (stouts) s t eu t s (stoats) s t cI t s (stoits - rebounds, bounces) SHORT VOWEL 2nd and 4th SYMBOLS s I | I s (cilice - hair cloth) k I I k (kellick - a heavy stone used as a substitute anchor on small vessels) k I n I k (quinic - a vegetable acid found in chinchona barks) m I d I m (medimn - an ancient Greek measure of capacity, approx.