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The determination and application of corrections to orthometric differences of elevation or to orthometric elevations to make the elevation of all bench marks consistent and independent of the circuit closures.
The placing of detail or control stations in their positions relative to other detail or control stations.
The process of mental change to allow an individual to function harmoniously with his environment.



the aggregate of operations concerning the preparation, tooling, regulation, and tuning of a machine, with the aim of ensuring its performance under predetermined conditions during a definite time interval (an hour, shift, or day; the period of durability of the tool or the period for processing a set of parts). Adjustment is a part of the production process.

Adjustments are usually performed after assembly of machines (after installation) or after a temporary stoppage because of malfunction (breakdown, wear, decrease in rigidity, loss of precision, and so on). Adjustment is performed on machine tools, measuring instruments, electrical and radio equipment, transportation equipment, and tools, as well as their aggregates (for example, a transportation system or a flow production line).

The cost of adjustments may be decreased by using standardized elements and automatic adjustment devices. Adjustment costs have been reduced to a minimum for machines with programmed control and automatic control systems.

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A causal statement associating the death from a stroke and the chiropractic adjustment characterizes inaccurate articles.
Even hot spots and lick granulomas may respond to chiropractic adjustments.
Additionally, she was treated using specific chiropractic adjustments to reduce joint dysfunction at the lumbar, sacral and pelvic areas, using an ischial tuberosity contact to correct anterior superior pelvic misalignment.
It's present location is only blocks away from the first chiropractic adjustment performed by D.
In a brief news clip, Cogan (2003) reported that "players innately recognize that chiropractic adjustments greatly increase their performance.
As a chiropractic internist I know the chiropractic adjustment is an important part of the solution to many acute and almost all chronic human maladies, as well as a good foundation for the maintenance of long-term optimal health; however, this is only a part.
8221; Some received Active Release Technique, the official soft tissue care, and others received a chiropractic adjustment.
I can remember about 10 years ago when not a few MDs were up in arms because some chiropractors were suggesting that antibiotics were not needed in some pediatric ear infections, were causing an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria, and that a chiropractic adjustment might be of help.
In order to qualify for the free back support, new patients must receive one regular service at their first visit, whether it's a chiropractic adjustment, nutritional consultation or other service.
The data for 66 patients were tabulated and then divided into 2 groups, based on the percentage of atlas alignment change after the first chiropractic adjustment.