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An undesirable variation in the frequency of a continuous-wave carrier when it is keyed.
The sound heard in a code receiver when the transmitted carrier frequency is increased linearly for the duration of a pulse code.
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chirped pulse

A pulse in which the wavelength changes during the duration of the pulse. In a diode laser, chirp arises from direct modulation of the laser, because the refractive index changes with the electron density. The output of a laser may be chirped intentionally to create a high-powered, extremely short pulse. In this case, the initial pulse from an oscillator is stretched out using optics, amplified and then compressed back to its original duration.


(Common Hardware Reference Platform) A specification that was intended to make the PowerPC a standard platform. Also known as the PowerPC Reference Platform (PPCP), it defined minimum hardware requirements such as ports, sockets, bootstrap ROM and cache. Introduced in 1995, the first CHRP systems became available from Motorola in 1997. Since operating system support (OS/2, NT, Solaris and NetWare) for the PowerPC was halted, CHRP served mostly as a standard for Mac clones, which were short-lived. See Pegasos and Macintosh clone.
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Waveform a), and spectrogram b) of a male interrupted chirp showing individual syllables within each chirp.
Estudo comparando um chirp de baixa frequencia (frequencia nominal 100-480 Hz) a um tom de 250 Hz, observou quenapresencademascaramento, as amplitudes da onda V diminuem, demonstrando uma importante participacao dos componentes de frequencia alta na obtencao da resposta eletrofisiologica (15).
In order to estimate the time-frequency signature of every component of chirp signal, the initial frequency and chirp rate, the Hough transform can be used here to detect the lines in time-frequency plane (t-f plane) and then to calculate the parameters.
Intuitively, decreasing the Doppler and chirp rate grid steps will increase the resolution of recovered velocity and acceleration of target.
In this section, the NCM is utilized to quantify effects of Doppler frequency shift due to chirp rate and its change rate, and the relationships of the optimal signal length with the chirp rate and change rate of chirp rate will be obtained.
Introduced in this work, is the second scenario that combines the chirped pulse microwave generation and optical beam steering.
In addition to reading and posting tweets in Easy Chirp, features include direct messaging, URL-shortening, running and saving searches, viewing popular links, and providing full support for lists.
Any cat can chirp or chatter, as it's more an individual personality trait than a breed tendency.
Results obtained by both ABR (click and chirp) and ASSR were compared according to the response obtained or not till the maximum upper limit of stimulus intensity.
And you would rather keep that face on, then chirp like me for the good things happening in your life?'
where 0 [less than or equal to] t [less than or equal to] T, [f.sub.0] is the carrier frequency, T is the frequency modulation period during which the TX frequency sweeps over the entire bandwidth B, and [mu] is the chirp rate, i.e., [mu] = B / T.