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An undesirable variation in the frequency of a continuous-wave carrier when it is keyed.
The sound heard in a code receiver when the transmitted carrier frequency is increased linearly for the duration of a pulse code.
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chirped pulse

A pulse in which the wavelength changes during the duration of the pulse. In a diode laser, chirp arises from direct modulation of the laser, because the refractive index changes with the electron density. The output of a laser may be chirped intentionally to create a high-powered, extremely short pulse. In this case, the initial pulse from an oscillator is stretched out using optics, amplified and then compressed back to its original duration.


(Common Hardware Reference Platform) A specification that was intended to make the PowerPC a standard platform. Also known as the PowerPC Reference Platform (PPCP), it defined minimum hardware requirements such as ports, sockets, bootstrap ROM and cache. Introduced in 1995, the first CHRP systems became available from Motorola in 1997. Since operating system support (OS/2, NT, Solaris and NetWare) for the PowerPC was halted, CHRP served mostly as a standard for Mac clones, which were short-lived. See Pegasos and Macintosh clone.
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In 1979 Hmurcik and Kaup [16] started from the observation that the McCall-Hahn area theorem in self-induced transparency only applies to unchirped pulses and found that chirped pulses need to be stronger in order to generate the same effect.
In all cases the results indicate that comparing an unchirped with a chirped pulse of the same energy, a lesser fraction of energy is available for soliton formation in the chirped case.
From the realistic perspective, pulses emitted from laser sources are often chirped [33].
This consideration explains why the positive chirped pulse emits the DW later, or the negative chirped pulse emits the DW earlier compare to the case of unchirped pulse.
In the first scenario when the beam-former employs a chirped fiber Bragg grating (CFBG), the dispersion limits the bandwidth for a double sideband (DSB) optical modulation [9].
Introduced in this work, is the second scenario that combines the chirped pulse microwave generation and optical beam steering.
Improvements to range, resolution, and immunity to interference have required phase-modulated pulses, frequency chirped pulses, and very narrow pulses, with many of these exhibiting wide bandwidth.
Specialized measurements are required for verification of the performance of frequency chirped pulses.
The telecom group received an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) channel 0, 50 GHz bandwidth grating and a mildly chirped, [approximate] 16 nm bandwidth, grating.
The RGD of the chirped grating was determined by various phase-shift techniques.
As shown in Figure 1, a chirped signal is rapidly swept across a relatively large frequency range at a relatively high sweep rate.
With chirped pulse amplification, saysMourou, "we can use a system that is 1,000 times smaller.