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An undesirable variation in the frequency of a continuous-wave carrier when it is keyed.
The sound heard in a code receiver when the transmitted carrier frequency is increased linearly for the duration of a pulse code.
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chirped pulse

A pulse in which the wavelength changes during the duration of the pulse. In a diode laser, chirp arises from direct modulation of the laser, because the refractive index changes with the electron density. The output of a laser may be chirped intentionally to create a high-powered, extremely short pulse. In this case, the initial pulse from an oscillator is stretched out using optics, amplified and then compressed back to its original duration.


(Common Hardware Reference Platform) A specification that was intended to make the PowerPC a standard platform. Also known as the PowerPC Reference Platform (PPCP), it defined minimum hardware requirements such as ports, sockets, bootstrap ROM and cache. Introduced in 1995, the first CHRP systems became available from Motorola in 1997. Since operating system support (OS/2, NT, Solaris and NetWare) for the PowerPC was halted, CHRP served mostly as a standard for Mac clones, which were short-lived. See Pegasos and Macintosh clone.
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Classic Album: The Crickets - The "Chirping" Crickets, BBC Four, 9pm Code 37: Sex Crimes More4, 9pm A masked man has been prowling around the city, car-jacking and sexually assaulting women, and two of his victims identify Kevin as the culprit.
'There's no other way to put it!' said the squirrel, 'You wait night and day for catastrophes to fall on you, losing the moments of being thankful!' I kept the window open as the squirrel continued its joyous chirping and as the wife walked into the room, she looked at my happy face and asked, 'Something making you happy Bob?'
YESTERDAY'S story about the Mum who found a cricket in her salad had you chirping!
This paper introduces yet another new meta-heuristic algorithm inspired by the chirping behavior of the common cricket insect.
It is important to note that most recordings were made within 3 cm of chirping beetles and so recordings would have occurred within the near field.
The Jews answer her with their chirping. "Oh, I see," she says, "to hide from people trying to kill you.
(Photo feature) KUWAIT, June 16 (KUNA) -- Chirping birds break Kuwait's dawns and new days' serenity and take advantage of the moderately hot wee hours, flapping their wings in the skies above urban and rural areas in search for nutritional giving by the nature or the residents.
Healthy females walked toward the fast chirping sound about 80 percent of the time, while infested females split their devotion about equally.
London, September 20 ( ANI ): NASA's twin Radiation Belt Storm Probe (RBSP) satellite, which launched on August 30 this year, has captured chirping and whistling radio waves emitted by Earth's magnetosphere on September 5.
Just hit the Chirp icon (which looks like a horizontal 'S') and you will hear a chirping sound and even as you watch your item will be transferred to the other device (s) running Chirp.
If the frequency variation f(t) corresponds to some power function of the n-th order, then the change of instantaneous frequency or chirping rate can be expressed as [] = ([f.sub.fin] - [f.sub.0])/[], where [f.sub.0] and [f.sub.fin] are the initial and final frequencies, respectively, and [] is the duration of the chirp pulse.
*WE'VE all seen them chirping their hearts out, looking dishevelled and sorrowful as their mum's seem to abandon them in the big, bad world.