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(organic chemistry)
CCl3CHO A colorless, oily liquid soluble in water; used industrially to prepare DDT; a hypnotic. Also known as trichloroacetic aldehyde; trichloroethanal.



trichloroacetic aldehyde, CCl3CHO; a colorless liquid, with a pungent odor and a boiling point of 97.75°C. Chloral interacts energetically with water, alcohol, and ammonia to form well-crystallized products (see). Chloral is obtained by the chlorination of ethyl alcohol. It is used in the production of insecticides, such as khlorofos and 4,4’-dichlordiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), as well as in the production of herbicides, trichloroacetic acid, and chloroform.

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1]) and four (16%) received a single daily dose of codeine (two with sucrose, two with chloral hydrate: one of each of these required infusion rate increase; maximum rates were 129 to 243 [micro]g x [kg.
Comparison of chloral hydrate and midazolam for sedation of neonates for neuroimaging studies.
The genus Phlebotomus can be easily identified when sandflies are mounted using Chloral hydrate gum on a slide.
He had already become interested in eye surgery and had experimented with anesthetizing the eye with morphine, ether spray, chloral hydrate and potassium bromide, all of which were known to have effects on the nervous system.
To assess the trend of vascular tissue differentiation of 14-day old seedlings, primordial leaves covering the vegetative shoot meristem were removed and stained with chloral lactophenol before examining under a Zeiss stereomicroscope.
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They had a small supply of chloral hydrate and were willing to let us have some.
Yet another overdose of chloral led to more medical interventions and near-constant visits by Rossetti's brother and friends in October 1879, but according to William Michael, his health improved thereafter until the fall of 1881.
The chloral leak along with the fire that followed the explosion left many
Addicted to chloral at the time of his death in 1882, admirers of his work still regularly place flowers at his graveside.
For moderate sedation, we use chloral hydrate (Pharmaceutical Associates Inc.