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Chlorenchyma cells are aggregated abaxially in the mid rib region.
In the leaves cross sections of plants from treatments without calcium silicate silicon deposits were not observed in the bulliform cells, in the chlorenchyma or in the anticlinal walls of the epidermis and hypodermis.
Leaf surface with epidermal cells and guard cells of stomata polygonal in shape, stomata only present on abaxial side; in tranverse section, adaxial epidermis cells more or less rectangular in shape with inner wall thin, hypodermis with only one layer of cells; non-vascular fibers with estegmata, silica bodies cap-shaped; presence of chlorenchyma and spongious parenchyma in mesophyll; major vascular bundle with small vessels of protoxylem towards the adaxial side; vascular bundles of the sheath with only one layer of parenchymatic cells.
Chlorenchyma (C)###0516-2###One to three layers of irregularly arranged parenchymatous cells containing chloroplasts, which was###Fig.
84%) diagnosed by three synapomorphies: lateral spikes with axes opposed by faces of perigynia (#20), chlorenchyma with scattered pigment cells (#46), and perigynia each with four or more vascular bundles (#48).
Chlorenchyma (only adaxial) has smaller isodiametric cells than the storage parenchyma, it has many chloroplasts.
Protein content did not change in the chlorenchyma of basal cladodes, but decreased in roots, and increased in the hydrochlorenchyma of basal cladodes and chlorenchyma of apical cladodes.
The individual tissues comprising the stem cross section (epidermis, collenchyma, chlorenchyma, phloem, cambium, xylem, and parenchyma) were examined to estimate the degree of cell wall thickening with advancing maturity across sampling dates.
This species has all the morphoanatomical features of xerophytes: cuticle on leaf epidermis, hypodermis aquifer, vascular bundle hem, hem extension lignified, and little intercellular space in chlorenchyma.
Chlorenchyma undifferentiated; spongy mesophyll with less than
Chlorenchyma undifferentiated; palisade layers; spongy mesophyll with more than five layers.