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Using sonography, CHM in the first trimester appears as a uterine cavity filled with multiple sonolucent areas of varying size and shape (known as a snowstorm appearance) without the presence of fetal structures, (16) and it may be associated with ovarian theca lutein cysts.
Abnormal villous morphology is a term used to label cases in which villi have some dysmorphic features suggestive of a hydatidiform mole, usually a PHM but sometimes an early CHM, but lack fully developed diagnostic features of either type.
The five-day workshop had the CBD providing an overview of the CHM, highlighting the need for countries to understand its purpose and strategic content.
CHM in 2000 had launched a plan to merge the two refineries' retail networks to a single firm.
We're here, we're trying to push forward and find out new things about CHM every day.
Patients using CHM for more than 30 days due to a diagnosis of breast cancer were defined as CHM users, whereas those without CHM outpatient records were defined as non-CHM users.
There are also several known CHM compound formulations associated with liver injury in clinical observation.
In 21 states, cardiovascular health indicators measured by CHM score differed among occupational groups, after adjusting for age, sex, race/ethnicity, and education level.
El grupo 2 tenia las otras 20 muestras y se obturo con la tecnica de CHM, la cual se desarrolla en dos etapas: en la primera se realiza una CL en frio, como se describio anteriormente, en el tercio apical y una vez obtenido el relleno de los ultimos 5 mm, se introduce la punta portadora de calor 0,08 % (fino/mediano) del System B[R] previamente medida, hasta los ultimos 4 mm apicales.
Results: The results of DNA analysis by VNTR genotyping showed that in 16 cases of CHM, amplification of the VNTR polymorphic loci showed androgenetic mono-spermic moles (homozygote) and in 5 cases of CHM androgenetic dispermic moles (heterozygote) in molar tissue.
A genetically modified virus is used in the experimental therapy to smuggle healthy copies of the CHM gene into light-sensitive cells in the retina, and supporting tissue called retinal pigment epithelium.
The cluster-head module, referred to as CHm from now on, is responsible for gathering the sensor data from the sensor nodes in its cluster and for making the sensor data available as documents formatted in extensible markup language (XML).