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ice cream,

sweet frozen dessert, made from milk fat and solids, sugar, flavoring, a stabilizer (usually gelatin), and sometimes eggs, fruits, or nuts. The mix is churned at freezing temperature to attain a light, smooth texture. Water ices existed in the Roman Empire, and Marco Polo brought back from East Asia reports of iced, flavored foods. From Italy the confection spread to France and England, reaching America early in the 18th cent. Ice cream sundaes had become popular by the 1890s, and the ice cream cone was introduced in 1904. The manufacture of ice cream in the United States on a commercial scale began in 1851 in Baltimore and has become an important industry. Commercial ice cream is pasteurized and homogenized. Federal, state, local, and industry regulations as to percentage of milk fats and solids, purity of ingredients, and cleanliness of preparation and dispensing are designed to maintain the dietary value of ice cream and to inhibit bacterial multiplication, for which ice cream is a favorable medium. Similar frozen confections include the fat-rich bisque (with added bakery products), parfait (containing eggs), and mousse; frozen custard, generally low in fat; frozen yogurt, also low in fat; and ices and plain or milk sherbets, based on fruit juices and sugar.


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Ice Cream


a refreshing food that is used as a dessert. It has a pleasant flavor, high caloric value, and is easy to assimilate. Most types of ice cream contain the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral salts, and vitamins necessary for nutrition. The main ingredients are dairy products (milk, cream, butter), sugar, fresh or frozen fruits or berries, jam, chocolate, walnuts, almonds, candied fruit, eggs, stabilizers (agar), and aromatic substances. A mix is prepared from the ingredients, using given recipes. The mix is then pasteurized and homogenized; after cooling it is frozen and whipped in freezers. The resulting “soft” ice cream has up to 60 percent of its water in form of minute ice crystals, and its temperature has been lowered to between −4° and −5°C. The “soft” ice cream is divided into portions, shaped, and frozen further (hardened) in refrigeration chambers or various apparatus with brine or air freezing. During hardening more water freezes, the ice cream becomes firm, and its temperature decreases to between −10° and −20°C.

What does it mean when you dream about ice cream?

Ice cream is often associated with childhood. Alternatively, the dreamer may be celebrating a release of cold, repressed emotions that have melted at the heart of some situation.

Ice Cream

Eating, making, selling, or serving ice cream suggests that you are feeling contentment and satisfaction in your life. Things are well and the best is yet to come. Alternatively, you may be compensating in a dream for a lack in daily life. For example, not enough “sweetness” or sincerity during the day may bring images of ice cream into the night.
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Hayes, Assistant Professor of Food Science and Director of the Sensory Evaluation Center, College of Agricultural Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, said that their primary goal was to determine whether rejection thresholds for added bitterness in chocolate ice cream could be predicted by individual preferences for solid milk or dark chocolate.
Chocofest is valid on 10 yummy chocolate flavors like Choco Chips Mousse, Chocolate Ice Cream, Three Cheers Chocolate, Malted Choco Fudge, World Class Chocolate, Gold Medal Ribbon, Mint Milk Chocolate Chips, Milk Chocolate Chips, Mississippi Mud and Baskin-Robbins' all time best seller, Bavarian Chocolate.
Zelica Carr, chief executive officer of The Ice Cream Alliance, which represents more than 750 ice cream makers and businesses in Great Britain and Ireland, paid tribute to his efforts, and said: "Derek has worked harder than ever to perfect his entries and has shown his chocolate ice cream is exceptional.
Without using cake layers, you can also whip up a wonderful ice cream "cake" in a jiffy with a coconut crust, layers of raspberry chocolate ice cream and a quick raspberry sauce prepared with frozen raspberries.
Other flavors are Passione di Cioccolato, with white and dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate bits; Amarena Romantica, with creamy vanilla ice cream, cherry sauce and bits of white chocolate, and Erbeer-Vanilla Traum, a "strawberry-vanilla dream" with strawberry sauce.
President Joe Dager discovered that a large number of customers of the 1817 Ice Cream Parlor at Velvet's Ye Olde Mill headquarters were ordering their chocolate ice cream with extra nut topping, he was inspired to create the company's latest flavor, Choco-late Nut Lovers.
The exhibit includes 15 giant boxes of assorted chocolates, with the largest measuring 48 x 48 x 10 inches, as well as oversized dark and milk chocolate ice cream bars in various states of being eaten, each measuring 65 x 23 x 10 inches.
They are available in five varieties: vanilla ice cream with Nestle Crunch coating; vanilla ice cream with Nestle Drumstick cone coating; mint ice cream with chocolaty coating; vanilla ice cream with chocolaty coating; and chocolate ice cream with chocolaty coating.
White chocolate ice cream Bring the milk and cream to the boil and add the white chocolate.
Twisted Sister's Dee Snider thought up "Twisted Dee-Light," which is a rich combination of chocolate ice cream, fudge chunks and brownies;
That's made with chocolate ice cream, pecans, coconut, brownie and caramel.
Lust offers creamy vanilla ice cream covered in pink strawberry chocolate while gluttony features rich chocolate ice cream smothered by a white chocolate coating.