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The scientific name of the chocolate tree is theobroma cacao, which means what?
99 [pounds sterling], is one of two new seasonal Maltesers products--the other being hollow chocolate tree decorations containing a single Malteser (1.
Among the products offered by Hershey this season is ``Pot of Gold Cameos,'' a gift box containing eight white chocolate angels surrounded by a milk chocolate star, and a set of 10 hollow milk chocolate tree ornaments wrapped in colored foil.
Young, author of The Chocolate Tree (Smithsonian Institution Press, 1994), for his help with this story.
Research, focused on premium chocolate made by The Chocolate Tree based in Edinburgh and Haddington, found the company's bean-tobar range contains polyphenols which offer health benefits.
New foods for Christmas include half-coated chocolate tree biscuits made with fairly traded sugar from Malawi and chocolate-coated coffee beans.