choir screen

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choir screen, choir enclosure

choir screen
A screen wall, railing, or partition of any type dividing the choir from the nave, aisles, and crossing.
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One of the most complete surviving structures is the choir screen at the Frari built in 1475 (Cornaro, Ecclesiae venetae, 24; Cicogna vol.
After 1513, the Servites gave Riccio a second commission, to create the Altar of Saint Martin, to be located on the left side of the choir screen.
Beyond the Barrier: The Unifying Role of the Choir Screen in Gothic Churches.
The materials from the choir screen and from the Altar of the True Cross were reused in 1730 to build the altar of the sette B.
The Servite friars wanted to emulate the interior of the Franciscan mother church and this could be one of the reasons why, even when the choir was moved, the choir screen was kept in place.
far from acting only as social and spatial dividers (both of which they were in a literal sense), choir screens fulfilled a wide variety of incorporative functions.
The nave side of most choir screens was equipped with one or more altars (for public masses), a pulpit, images of saints (attracting lay offerings of candles by parishioners of middling status), and in some cases images or armorial bearings of powerful lay benefactors.
This was after their earlier famous collaborations on the choir screens for not only Hereford, but also Lichfield and Salisbury Cathedrals.
To explain issues of similarities with various monuments and the transmission of motifs and figure style from small-scale continental objects to the monumental medium of architectural sculpture (with tombs and now lost choir screens as key intermediaries), Malone suggests that Jocelyn and Lock were familiar with a variety of contemporary English works (for example, Lincoln, Winchester, and Canterbury).
The choir stood in the midst of the nave, and columniated choir screens separated the first bay of the nave from the choir precinct and the elevated chancel from the rest of the church.