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The CAN-SPAM Act, intended to choke off the onslaught of junk e-mail, has generated copious commentary, criticism, congressional statements, and controversy.
Oil should not be so high as to choke off demand and slow the world's major economies, nor so low as to impede investment in new oil production capacity.
If we are to grow in faithful living, we need to renounce the things that choke off the fullness of life that God intended for us, and we must follow through on our commitments," comments Catholic theologian Shawn Copeland, one of the book's contributors.
''We pledge to work together to deliver real results in combating the scourge of the financing of terrorism,'' the ministers said, referring to an ''integrated, comprehensive action plan'' they have developed to choke off funds to terrorists and their associates...
He said too large an extra budget would spawn a surge in long-term interest rates and threaten to choke off an early recovery.
this substance could be choke off blood to all cancer tumors in humans.
Since the typical post-war business recovery has lasted over four years, it's pretty c]ear that rising interest rates do not immediately choke off an economic expansion.
However, she said, funding by private individuals and organizations to private entities through informal channels, regardless of the source and country, are being brought under tighter scrutiny in the National Action Plan against terrorism, to choke off any possibility of financing for terrorists and terrorist organizations.
Despite strong UK growth, the majority of members on the Bank's monetary policy committee (MPC) are worried that a rise will choke off the recovery at a time when the eurozone is in danger of plunging back into recession.
Liberating Yabroud would help the government and Hezbollah secure the land route linking its Mediterranean coastal stronghold with the capital and choke off the militants' cross-border supply line.
They trebled tuition fees while halving the fuel poverty budget, scrapped the Education Maintenance Allowance, cut the taxes of millionaires and increased VAT to 20% despite saying it may choke off recovery.