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see cherrycherry,
name for several species of trees or shrubs of the genus Prunus (a few are sometimes classed as Padus) of the family Rosaceae (rose family) and for their fruits.
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"I'd never hunted out of a ground blind before, but my friend Dave Silewski told me I could wedge one into one of the chokecherry thickets," Sue explained.
For instance, we predicted feeding sites will have Mule Deer forage species such as Creeping Juniper (Juniperus horizontalis) and Chokecherry (Prunus virginianus), whereas bedding areas will contain other trees and shrubs such as Limber Pine (Pinus flexibilis) or Canada Buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis), which are not as important as forage species.
Bureau of Land Management has found no new significant impacts after completing the first of two site-specific Environmental Assessments (EA) for Phase I of Power Company of Wyoming's (PCW) 3GW Chokecherry and Sierra Madre wind project, according to Recharge.
A grant from the Arbor Day Foundation paid for ten chokecherry trees that volunteers planted.
Or maybe there's an old abandoned farmstead, or a livestock watering pond with some chokecherry in a ravine.
I spoke with state Information Specialist Al Langston, who pointed out that "shrub growth needs a number of successive years in a row to promote growth of browse--bitter brush, chokecherry mountain mahogany--to put out a lot of the leader growth that benefits deer.
It is the fall webworm that concerns us, as it feeds on apples, ash, birch, chokecherry, elm, hickory, linden, oaks, willow, and more than 100 fruit, shade and woodland trees.
A steady intimacy and elation slowly developed with the landscape and its various spaces and secret "chokecherry places"--in part, I am sure, because it was a landscape I had doted on many hours as a boy, from fantasias of Native American lifeways to later, more substantive reading on the plains tribes, book after book--such writers as George Bird Grinnell, to name one favorite.
Cattails and cottonwood shade the entrances, mixing with serviceberry, chokecherry, and willow; amid the foliage, prints of dozens of species track the sandy soil.
Recently logged areas often contain Scouler willow (Salix scouleriana), ceanothus (Ceanothus spp.), serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), common chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), Rocky Mountain maple (Acer glabrum), sticky current (Ribes viscosissimum), and other deciduous species.
Using thermal time models, the researchers found that the bloom dates for early spring species such as prairie crocuses and aspen trees had advanced by two weeks over the stretch of seven decades, with later-blooming species such as saskatoon and chokecherry bushes being pushed ahead by up to six days.
An example of this process at work in a drink is The Farolito ($12), which mixes Chinaco Tequila with Sage leaves, chokecherry shrub, Lillet Rouge and Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters.