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Roentgenography of the bile ducts.



roentgenographic examination of the gallbladder and bile ducts after the introduction (orally or intravenously) of an iodine-containing contrast agent that is excreted with bile. The procedure is not applied in the case of pronounced jaundice. Cholangiography yields a clear picture of the anatomical structure and functioning of the gallbladder and bile ducts; it reveals the presence of calculi, or gallstones (cholelithiasis), inflammatory changes (cholecystitis or cholangitis), and disruption of the emptying mechanism of the bladder (dyskinesia).


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45 days), whereas total average cost per cholangiogram in 20 patients of laparoscopic cholangiography was Rs.
If a balloon cholangiogram performed after stent removal was normal, the plastic stent was not replaced.
Thus, most of the abnormal intraoperative cholangiograms either were false-positives or identified stones that soon passed spontaneously.
Those who argue against routine cholangiograms say the procedure may actually increase the chance of ductal injury as a confused surgeon may mistake the common bile duct for the cystic duct and cut into the common bile duct for catheter placement.
Anderson's range is impressive -- from commonplace procedures such as laparoscopy cholangiograms and hip pinnings all the way to radio frequency rhizotomies and Omaya Reservoir placements.
Thus, the outcome statement for educating patients about oral cholangiograms would read, "Patients scheduled for an oral cholangiogram will prepare themselves correctly and with Confidence for the exam by ingesting the correct dose of contrast media.