Cholic Acid

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cholic acid

[′kō·lik ′as·əd]
C24H40O5 An unconjugated, crystalline bile acid.

Cholic Acid


a monocarboxylic steroid acid of the bile acid group. In the bile of animals and man, cholic acid is combined with the amino acids glycine and taurine in the two bile salts—glycocholic acid and taurocholic acid, respectively—that play a part in lipometabolism.

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The manufacturer is required to conduct a postapproval observational study to evaluate the long-term safety of cholic acid.
The 8-week results for cholic acid are somewhat surprising, as there seemed to be no effect at 16 mg/ml, but there was an observable inhibitory effect at 4 mg/ml.
demonstrated that feeding rats with cholic acid and cholesterol down-regulates the transcription of CYP7A1 through simulation of the nuclear farnesoid X receptors (Xu et al.
The active substance - cholic acid - was discovered as a result of research at the Assistance Publique des Hopitaux in Paris.
Laboratoires CTRS (Cell Therapies Research & Services) ( CTRS ) has developed the medicinal product Orphacol, which contains cholic acid as an active substance.
Professor William J Griffiths said: "These two molecules are named cholic acid and 24S, 25-epoxycholesterol, a bile acid and a close relative of cholesterol, respectively.
62mmol/l) a 1% cholesterol-enriched diet (casein, 200 (95% purity) (Prolabo, Paris, France) combined with Isio 4 oil, 50; sucrose, 40; cornstarch, 585; cellulose, 50; vitamins, 20; minerals 40; cholesterol, 10; cholic acid 5 (Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) (to facilitate cholesterol absorption) for 15 days.
The ratio of cholic acid to chenodeoxycholic acid has been reported to be significantly higher in ICP pregnancies than in normal pregnancies (4 to 1 vs.
Unlike Cyp7a1 this gene does not appear to be downregulated by cholic acid through the farnesoid X bile acid receptor (Sinal et al.