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A benign tumor of bone, cartilage, or other tissue which simulates the structure of cartilage in its growth.
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a benign tumor of mature cartilage tissue. Chondromas occur in cartilages of the skeleton and, less commonly, in extraskeletal cartilages (larynx and trachea) or in organs that do not normally contain cartilage tissue (for example, the lungs and kidneys). Parts of the skeleton most often affected are the metatarsus, metacarpus, the phalanges of the fingers, the ribs, and the sternum. The affected bone becomes deformed. Diagnosis is made mainly on the basis of X rays. Treatment is surgical; recurrences are rare and are usually due to incomplete removal of the tumor. Chondromas may become malignant, converting into chondrosarcomas.

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Benign chondroblastoma of bone: A reinterpretation of the so called calcifying or chondromatous giant cell tumour.
Microscopically, the specimen exhibited a poorly differentiated malignant spindle cell neoplasm with markedly increased cellularity, haphazard growth pattern, and foci of fascicular and chondromatous differentiation (Figure 2, B).
Its positive expression in a substantial number of chordomas and total absence in nonchordomatous tumors supports the hypothesis that chordomas differ from other chondromatous and myxoid tumors.