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A malignant tumor of cartilage.



a malignant tumor of cartilage tissue, sometimes accompanied by mucous degeneration; a type of sarcoma. Chondrosarcomas most often occur in males. They develop mostly on the inferior metaphysis of the femur, the pelvic bones, and the ribs. The course is slow (several years); pain appears when the tumor has attained considerable size. Metastasis is mainly to the lungs and lymph nodes. Treatment involves surgery (amputation, resection) combined with the administration of antineoplastic agents.

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Incidence, predictive factors, and prognosis of chondrosarcoma in patients with Ollier disease and Maffucci syndrome: An international multicenter study of 161 patients.
ADAMTS-9 is synergistically induced by interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha in OUMS-27 chondrosarcoma cells and in human chondrocytes.
Subsequent histopathology identified the mass as a large chondrosarcoma.
Patients with chest chondrosarcoma can present with a variety of symptoms depending on tumour size and location.
Chondrosarcoma and the majority of soft-tissue sarcomas are resistant to chemotherapy, limiting effective treatment of metastases.
With characteristic determination Ann tracked down Professor Michael Gleeson, a head and neck surgeon who had operated on 13 patients with Cranial Chondrosarcoma.
Transformation into chondrosarcoma generally is indicated when cortical breakthrough is noted along with soft-tissue involvement.
1,6) As far as we know, only 1 case of a secondary chondrosarcoma arising in an osteochondroma of the nasal septum has been reported.
They may contain heterologous elements including rhabdomyosarcoma and chondrosarcoma, (9) which were not present in the primary ovarian tumor or metastases in our case.
The lesion may demonstrate a local aggressive nature and must be differentiated from more ominous lesions such as parosteal osteosarcoma or chondrosarcoma.
The most important differential diagnoses include hemangioma, osteoma, calcified polyps, in the benign tumor category; chondrosarcoma and osteosarcoma in the malignant tumor category; syphilis and tuberculosis in the inflammatory category.