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a design stamped on goods as a trademark, esp in the Far East
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a city (since 1957) in Uzhgorod Raion, Transcarpathian Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Chop, located near the border of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, is a junction for railroad lines to Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Budapest, and Prague. The city has enterprises servicing the railroad industry, a plant for the production of brick and tile, and a garment division of the Uzhgorod Textile and Clothing Accessory Factory.

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(language, tool)
A code generator by Alan L. Wendt <wendt@CS.ColoState.EDU> for the lcc C compiler front end. Version 0.6 is interfaced with Fraser and Hanson's lcc front end. The result is a C compiler with good code selection but no global optimisation. In 1993, Chop could compile and run small test programs on the VAX. The National Semiconductor 32000 and Motorola 68000 code generators are being upgraded for lcc compatibility.

["Fast Code Generation Using Automatically-Generated Decision Trees", ACM SIGPLAN '90 PLDI].
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channel op

(CHANNEL OPerator) Also "chanop" and "CHOP." The person who has the highest privileges in an IRC channel. The channel op can expel users and make other users channel ops. See IRC.
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He had issued threats to chop off hands of striking doctors in 2012.
Now it has emerged the attackers stripped him and tried to chop off two of his fingers.
A robber threatened to 'chop off his victim's head' unless he handed over cash.
Kill it, pluck it, hang it up, chop off its head, remove its innards, open its neck and stuff it, skewer the ends, smother it in butter, cover it in bacon, wrap it in foil, roast it in the oven for a day and a half until it turns brown then take it out...
After injection, enzymes in the blood chop off the compound's phosphate group and, within 10 minutes, restore the drug to its original, active form.
Summary: Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Apr 27 (27): Himachal Pradesh BJP president Satpal Singh Satti on Saturday replied to the Election Commission's notice over his "will chop off hands of those who point fingers at BJP leaders" remark and denied making any false, inciting or derogatory remark.