chopping block

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1. A busbar.
2. A heavy, rigid electrical conductor that serves as a common connection between the source of electric power and the load circuits.

butcher block, chopping block

An assembly of rectangular blocks of hardwood which are edge-glued, joined by dowels, and then pressed together hydraulically; esp. used as a work surface in a kitchen.
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She also said a television show could provide an opportunity to build The Chopping Block brand.
Gwil said: "The idea for The Chopping Block was cooked up in the kitchen of our family farm and the name was actually inspired by the traditional chopping block at the very heart of it.
A number of shows are potentially on the chopping block as executives decide what programming will be picked up by The CW, the new network scheduled to replace its predecessors in September.
You've escaped the chopping block cut, so I've heard.
The commodity supplemental food program (CSFP), targeted for the chopping block, provides nutritionally balanced boxes of food to about a half-million poor people on a monthly basis.
It's a week before Thanksgiving but Theo is a pro-active turkey and he's not going to the chopping block without a big, fat fight.
If commodity prices fall--and they always do--cuts to public spending (and rollbacks on legally shaky contracts) will likely take place long before politicians sum up the nerve to send payrolls to the chopping block.
ITEM: The Minneapolis Star Tribune for October 2 reports: "So far, Operation Offset has served mainly as a big target for Democratic and Republican leaders trying to protect cherished programs from the chopping block.
In spite of Abitibi Consolidated's recent announcement to close the Kenora mill, company officials insist the Fort Frances operation is not on the chopping block.
Borrowing the poses of classical sculpture and the materials and realism of Rodin, Quinn places the idealized human form on the chopping block, replacing it with a hunk of meat.