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Tenders are invited for Provn Of Addition Alteration To Main Gate Extension Of Roof At New Washing Bay And Provn Of Scooter Motor Cycle Parking And Garbage Bins At Chord Line And Mv Camp At Mil Stn Kankinara Under Ge North Kolkata
Tenders are invited for Repairs and maintenance from Km 66/0 - 104 on Chord line 0 to 1 km on Masagram to Bankura line and km 91/0-95/0 in main line including all station, colonies, service buildings, roads, bridges including level crossing under the jurisdiciton of AEN/Burdwan; Approx.
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs Of Inter Connection Of Sewage Network With Municipal Network At Chord Lines At Kankinara Under Ge North Kolkata
Key to the plans is the proposed implementation of new Chord lines in Bordesley, which would allow new and existing services to access the newly refurbished Birmingham Moor Street station.