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stew of fish or shellfish with potatoes, onions, and pork (usually salt pork), thickened with crumbled hard bread. The name chowder seems to have originated from the French word chaudière (a large heavy pot used by fishermen to cook soups and stews). The name probably was carried to the French Canadian coasts and traveled from there to New England (noted for its clam chowder) and then south. Each locality on the eastern coast of the United States has its favorite recipe, based on the kinds of fish and vegetables available. The name is extended to include a mixture of vegetables only.
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Basically New England chowder is a chunky, creamy soup full of seafood and potatoes.
The team that takes home the trophy will play a pivotal role in determining once and for all which city's chowder is the best in the U.
Sue O'Hagan who came up with the recipe for Sue's Sweetcorn Chowder
Admission is $5 for a one-day pass, which includes a taste of each chowder.
The Rutland Central Tree Chowder Challenge, a fun family day that was held under sunny skies this year, is hosted and sponsored by the Rutland Fire Brigade.
Seafood is always a good starter for a holiday meal, and milk-and-potato-based clam chowder fits the bill, especially if it's made with fresh Cedar Key clams.
The chowder is served in authentic 'Maine' style, in a bowl with oyster crackers for dipping and garnished fresh chervil.
The chowder has now been honored with three "Judge's Choice" and two "People's Choice" awards at this event.
By the end of the 18th century chowder was a staple in the region.
I want to jump on the trampoline as high as Chowder and get lots of exercise.
Chowder is a thick soup or stew, the word having no connection with long-haired dogs called chows .
As far as I can tell, the creamier style chowder is the original hailing from New England and the tomato based version is the invention of the New Yorkers.