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stew of fish or shellfish with potatoes, onions, and pork (usually salt pork), thickened with crumbled hard bread. The name chowder seems to have originated from the French word chaudière (a large heavy pot used by fishermen to cook soups and stews). The name probably was carried to the French Canadian coasts and traveled from there to New England (noted for its clam chowder) and then south. Each locality on the eastern coast of the United States has its favorite recipe, based on the kinds of fish and vegetables available. The name is extended to include a mixture of vegetables only.
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It takes inspiration from a classic seafood chowder, but using chicken gives it a broader appeal.
A creamy chowder, especially one as good and guilt-free as this, should always be in season.
The New England-style clam chowder at the LAZY LOBSTER starts with sauteing chunks of potato and onion in rendered bacon fat.
The chowder was properly thick and contained shelled mussels, prawns, crabmeat, clams, and slices of white and pink fish.
When Chidi wonders why no one is enjoying the fountain but him, Eleanor says: "Maybe they finally figure out that clam chowder is disgusting because it's basically a savory latte with bugs in it."
The chowder was tasty and packed with fish, from mussels and clams to salmon and crayfish.
One of our client favorites is our Smoked Alaskan Seafood Chowder. Enjoy!
Sue O'Hagan who came up with the recipe for Sue's Sweetcorn Chowder
If you're heading to the coast, check out Pacific Northwest professional chefs in the Chowder Cook-Off on Saturday and Sunday at the Tanger Outlets in Lincoln City.
From April 11 to 13 the entire town becomes an open-air street market and hosts the 'Taste the Wild Atlantic Way' Street Food Fest and the All Ireland Chowder Cook-Off.
"I love Boston airport for its live lobsters to go from Legal Sea Foods, (also with its) authentic clam chowder, and brew pubs like Samuel Adams and Harpoon," says Debbie Rizzo, founder of DRink PR in San Francisco.
Seafood is always a good starter for a holiday meal, and milk-and-potato-based clam chowder fits the bill, especially if it's made with fresh Cedar Key clams.