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[Gr., =dipping], in most Christian churches a sacrament. It is a rite of purification by water, a ceremony invoking the grace of God to regenerate the person, free him or her from sin, and make that person a part of the church.
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Christen realized that the CPA candidate's sole was separating from the rest of his shoe, flapping underneath his foot.
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber company's (NASDAQ: GT) said ABC News' "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts is set to christen the company's newest blimp, Wingfoot One, on Saturday, August 23, in Suffield, Ohio.
The terms christen and christening (with various spellings) have a long history in the English language stretching back almost a thousand years, Their earliest meanings were "baptize" and "Baptism," and both Shakespeare and Chaucer used them in that sense.
has created the Loft/ Small Office (LSO) Investment Sales Group, headed by Ron Cohen and Christen Portelli.
Outstanding Chair Laurie Christen, North Central Chapter (Colle+McVoy)
In 1997, Pat Christen, executive director of the AIDS foundation, told the Orange County Register, "the ride has proven to be very successful in bringing new donors into the fight against AIDS.
When Patsy Estes lost her husband in an automobile accident in 1992, she knew it would be difficult being a single mom to raise three daughters: Amanda, 17; Ashley, 8; and Christen, 5.
Now, Stephan Christen of the University of California, Berkeley and his colleagues report that gamma-tocopherol provides valuable protection from nitrogen oxides, a broad class of reactive compounds that alpha-tocopherol largely ignores.
Heavy showers held off long enough to allow local vicar Reverend Dorothy Robinson to christen Roman in front of parents Laura and Paul Bundy, their family and friends, and Tynemouth RNLI crew members.