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a. another word for chromium esp when present in a pigment or dye
b. (as modifier): a chrome dye
2. anything plated with chromium, such as fittings on a car body


(From automotive slang via wargaming) Showy features added to attract users but contributing little or nothing to the power of a system.

"The 3D icons in Motif are just chrome, but they certainly are *pretty* chrome!"

Chrome is distinguished from bells and whistles by the fact that the latter are usually added to gratify developers' own desires for featurefulness. Often used as a term of contempt and sometimes used in conjunction with 'fluff', "all the fluff and chrome that comes with Motif".


(1) See Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

(2) (chrome) The window borders, scroll bars and other user interface elements in an application. For example, "standard Windows chrome" refers to the regular user interface in Windows rather than a different appearance via a third-party enhancement. The term harks back to the chrome strips on cars, which in past decades were used to enhance the vehicle's appearance. See browser chrome and skin.
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Hard chrome is effective in preventing abrasive wear from many of the fillers used in polymers.
The plant offers chrome ore concentrates of purity 38 per cent and above.
Likewise, the Chrome browser is apparently highly optimised for Chrome OS - which it damn well should be.
Next, nitrogen that does not react with the chrome to form chrome nitride will fill micro-fissures in the steel, effectively locking them in place.
Unfortunately, there's no information yet on the other specs of this new Acer Chrome OS tablet.
The Chrome Web Store would no longer show Chrome apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux, though it will continue to offer extensions and themes for the Chrome web browser in 2017.
To force Chrome to check for an update type chrome://help and follow any prompts.
Chrome 42 update brings two new APIs- Push API and Notifications API that will let websites send notifications to their users even after page is closed.
com)-- Global market intelligence firm, Netscribes launched a brand new report on Chrome ore that provides actionable insights on its market in India.
Google this month released Chrome from the penalty box and reinstated the browser's PageRank after a 60-day self-imposed sentence over a rule-breaking marketing campaign.
MUSCAT: A joint venture between India-based Indsil Group and Muscat Overseas Group is building a world class ferro chrome smelter within Sohar free zone with an initial capacity to produce 75,000 tonnes per annum (tpa).