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a. another word for chromium esp when present in a pigment or dye
b. (as modifier): a chrome dye
2. anything plated with chromium, such as fittings on a car body
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(From automotive slang via wargaming) Showy features added to attract users but contributing little or nothing to the power of a system.

"The 3D icons in Motif are just chrome, but they certainly are *pretty* chrome!"

Chrome is distinguished from bells and whistles by the fact that the latter are usually added to gratify developers' own desires for featurefulness. Often used as a term of contempt and sometimes used in conjunction with 'fluff', "all the fluff and chrome that comes with Motif".
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(1) See Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

(2) (chrome) The window borders, scroll bars and other user interface elements in an application. For example, "standard Windows chrome" refers to the regular user interface in Windows rather than a different appearance via a third-party enhancement. The term harks back to the chrome strips on cars, which in past decades were used to enhance the vehicle's appearance. See browser chrome and skin.
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The Israelis say the ban on importing chrome was based on alleged environmental effects, sources in Hebron says.
The simplest and most common reason to chrome plate screws is that they do not rust while in storage or during shipping.
"Windows Flash is now inside a sandbox that's as strong as Chrome's native sandbox, and dramatically more robust than anything else available," Justin Schuh, a Chrome engineer, in a post to the Chromium blog Wednesday.
StatCounter Global Stats has recently launched a new map feature which illustrates the increasing global usage of Chrome. The increase is particularly evident when mapped data from May 2011 and May 2012 is compared -- both IE and Firefox concede a significant number of countries to Chrome over the period.
In the US Chrome has risen to 16% behind market leader IE on 46.5% and Firefox on 24.7%.
Chrome's share was 10.9% through February, which means the browser saw a solid bump last month.
This indicates Google see Chrome as a secondary OS with users continuing to rely on their desktop PCs or laptops for the majority of their computing.
Nissan Motor Company (Nissan) (NASDAQ: NSANY) (TYO: 7201), a Japan-based automaker, has chosen Chrome Systems Incorporated (Chrome), a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings, Incorporated, to deliver a vehicle comparison tool and a customised version of its Chrome Construct web services solution.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Triton have just introduced the T80xr chrome and satin/chrome electric showers.
"CHROME" WITHOUT ELECTROPLATING The side wind deflector shown here, produced by Stampede Products (, makes use of a bright film from Soliant (; Lancaster, SC), Flurorex, rather than chrome painting.
Most producers of AEM parts also use an external release spray, along with molds plated with chrome or Teflon impregnated nickel.
Bimetalix, the only manufacturer providing a complete line of stainless, nickel, and trimetallic scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) cylinders, offers its Chrome Haled SSHE Cylinder for food manufacturers requiring higher performance in their SSHE units quality manufacturing methods.