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cord made from the intestines of various animals (especially sheep and horses, but not cats). The membrane is chemically treated, and slender strands are woven together into cords of great strength, which are used for stringing musical instruments such as the violin and the harp. Roman strings, imported from Italy, are considered the best for musical instruments. Catgut is also used for stringing tennis rackets and for some surgical sutures.



cord made from the intestines of small cattle; a surgical sewing material. Catgut is used for internal sutures and for ligating blood vessels during operations. Catgut sutures are sometimes used externally under plaster casts. Catgut is absorbed by the tissues after seven to 30 days. [12–191–]


A thin cord made from the submucosa of sheep and other animal intestine; used for sutures and ligatures, for strings of musical instruments, and for tennis racket strings. Also known as gut.
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Those who had an uncomplicated median episiotomy or a second-degree perineal tear were randomized to sutures made with the three materials; 66 to chromic catgut, 60 to standard polyglactin 910, and 66 to fast-absorbing polyglactin 910.
The bone square was replaced, and the wound was closed in layers with interrupted subcutaneous chromic catgut sutures.
For 25+ years I have done a transeptal suture of 0000 chromic catgut around the base of both septal arteries for nosebleeds in patients as young as 4 years (in the OR, under general anesthesia, in conjunction with any other procedure) and as old as their mid-90s under topical/local anesthesia in the office and the emergency room.
Pediatric urine bags collectors,chromic catgut 2-0 A' needle point circle 36 mm no cutting,# 3-0 chromic catgut A' circle with needle point 36 mm no cutting,single needle catgut 0 A' circle 36 mm cutting tip no,gauze folded piece by 100 yds 36 etc.
Contract awarded for acquisition chromic catgut, suture of nylon, silk black, probe levin, elastic band, moh no.