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The difference between any color and a specified reference color of equal brightness; in color television, this reference color is white having coordinates x = 0.310 and y = 0.316 on the chromaticity diagram.
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Short for "chrominance" or color information, which includes its hue (color) and saturation (shade/brightness). Chroma is not a term most people hear or see very often, but it is not entirely hidden (see caption below). See hue and saturation.

Chroma Setting on the Apple TV
The video in this Apple TV media hub is currently set to 4:2:0, which means the color signals are sampled at half the resolution of the brightness (see chroma subsampling). See Apple TV and digital media hub.
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The filter shows that the chrominance noise around Kim Jong Un's face has "lots of red colors" and doesn't match the rest of his body.
A wide set of colour spaces have been considered to model the skin chrominance (Vezhnevets et al., 2003)(Kakumanu et al., 2007).
We introduced an improved physiological model of the FIT by using light level analysis in order to give different weights to chrominance components in an enhanced Y[C.sub.b][C.sub.r] space.
YCbCr: The Y element represents the luminance component and the Cb Cr elements represent two chrominance components.
(i) The luminance-chrominance spaces, which are computed of one color component that represents the luminance and two color components that represent the chrominance: the YUV color space is an example of the luminance-chrominance spaces.
First, it performs a spatial processing, dividing each frame into horizontal slots 16 pixels wide, each slot in turn is divided into "macro blocks" of 16 x 16 pixels, each macro block is composed of blocks of 8 x 8 pixels, which can be luminance and/or chrominance blocks (Cr + Cb).
Indeed, since the human eye perceives an image mostly in the Y band (brightness) with respect to the U and V bands (chrominance), we can use a stronger compression rate for coding the image in U and V bands with respect to that one used for coding the image in the Y band, without loss of information in the reconstructed image.
In spite of different intensities, human epidermis has slight chrominance variations (DAI; NAKANO, 1996; VEZHNEVETS, 2002).
Within the PCR, three RM-HP790 JVC camera control units control the three new cameras individually for colour temperature, chrominance, luminance and contrast of the camera signal.
The VC1080 provides chrominance and Luminance separation for composited video, and deinterlacing for smooth video playback.