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Numerous tracks resulting from the ploughing of asperities were observed in the contact area of the disc in chromium steel (100Cr6) and in grey cast iron (FG25).
The experimental investigations revealed that the friction coefficient of both tested materials (cast iron FG25 and chromium steel 100cr6) decrease linearly with the increasing normal load applied on the disc by the pin.
1) shows that for the investigated chromium steels, the solubility of oxygen increases with increasing temperature.
Plasma melts of the metallized pellets and fer-rochromium wastes for production of chromium steels were carried out.
Inner Ramp And Outer Ramp , Materials - High Chromium Steel, Make_ M/S Metal Moulders Or Similar.
The researchers found that the combination of strength and impact toughness required for steel bridge members could not be achieved with lower chromium steels.
The rate of this process in the chromium steels is higher than in KhN55MVTs alloy.
Their topics include designing and fabricating stainless steel components for the long life of spent fuel reprocessing plants, applying light energy beams in stainless steel fabrication, micro-deformation behavior and damage mechanisms in super duplex stainless steels, developments in high chromium steels for advanced power plants, the non-destructive evaluation of steels using magnetic methods, the corrosion of stainless steel in shallow and deep sea environments, current issues and control strategies to combat corrosion degradation for austenitic stainless steels in applications using nitric acid, and advances in wear behavior of stainless steel modified by ion implantation.
On the microstructure formation in chromium steels rapidly cooled from the semi-solid state.
However, high chromium contents around 12% are needed, since the current 9% chromium steels do not provide sufficient oxidation resistance at 650AC.