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(graphic arts)
Lithographic printing with several colors, requiring a stone for each color.
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a method of lithographic reproduction of multicolored images, in which a separate printing image is prepared by hand on a stone or zinc plate for each color; an outline is applied initially on the surface of each stone. Chromolithography has been replaced almost entirely by the photomechanical methods used in planographic printing to produce plates.

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Nanosekundiniai ar pikosekundiniai nedideles ir vidutines galios lazeriai geba obliuoti plona chromo dangos plevele ir tokiu budu skaleje sukurti rastrini ar kodini bruksniu piesini (Brikas et al.
Finally, incubated test tube suspensions were inoculated on Chromo agar plates to control the effectiveness of diluted four different concentrations of solutions for each bacterium except S.
F-digital Deluxe will feature coloured light for chromo therapy treatment, with pleasant steam for cleansing the skin and with one's favourite music - all at the same time.
"Exiles" is an "Asteroids"-style shooter, while "Sphero Chromo" is a mixture of the time-based interaction of a popular smartphone like "Temple Run" and the toy Bop-It.
4500-N[O.sub.2.sup.-1].B), N[O.sup.-3] (Chromo tropic acid method), sodium as [Na.sup.+1] (Method No.
Master bath has polished slate tile floors and Chromo therapy spa bath tub.
For instance, Yeow quotes the passage from Lord Jim in which Marlow describes "The streets full of jumbled bits of color like a damaged kaleidoscope" and "a picturesque group, looking like a chromo lithograph of a camp in a book of Eastern travel" (quoted from Yeow, 149).
According to Dr Dinesh Kartha, Chief Consultant, Al Shifa Natural Treatment Centre, Ajman, naturopaths use diverse means to treat a person, including herbal supplements, dietary supplements, nutritional products, fasting, massage, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, chromo therapy, heliotherapy and magneto therapy.
Synthetics wheat derived from hybridization between wheat as mother parent and corn as father parent via organ culture (embryo rescue) and increase in chromo some number using the chemical mutagen substances, are of high yielding and rather favorable quality wheat so, this work was carried out to study the important agricultural traits and variation among the genotypes to select and transfer the favorable traits and classifications to the later hybridization.