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(graphic arts)
Lithographic printing with several colors, requiring a stone for each color.



a method of lithographic reproduction of multicolored images, in which a separate printing image is prepared by hand on a stone or zinc plate for each color; an outline is applied initially on the surface of each stone. Chromolithography has been replaced almost entirely by the photomechanical methods used in planographic printing to produce plates.

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The use of CHROMAgar UTI, Baird Parker, and Chromo Candida allowed the differentiation of colonies as well as a more selective isolation of the studied microorganisms.
Developmental ability of chromo somally abnormal human embryos to develop to the blastocyst stage.
Function isolated_edge() Begin Set WE = 1 and N = 10 (where N is total no of location) for WE = 1 to N by 1 do Set v = chromo [WE] If chromo[v] == WE Print : "isolated edge" Terminate from the loop endif endfor End.
Telomeres are the protective caps at the ends of chromo somes.
Quantitative real-time PCR (20) was performed with appropriate conditions in a Chromo 4 system (Biorad, USA).
Taciau jame yra apie 5-10 kartu daugiau chloridu ir apie 20-50 kartu didesnis kiekis sesiavalencio chromo (palyginti su skirtingomis siuolaikinio cemento atmainomis).
Top end systems are also designed to keep noise down to the minimum and chromo therapy lights can add mood and depth to the water.
The various methods of iPP modification with a high efficiency--flame [1], chromo sulfuric acid [2], chromyl chloride [3], electric discharge plasma [4-6], or UV sensitizers [7, 8]--have been used.
Smets, "The Origins of Falasha Jews Studied by Haplotypes of the Y Chromo some," Human Biology, vol.
Older readers and trainers will remember that before this the NGRC and BAGS relied on the archaic method of chromo testing before racing.
The Sheraton Rio Spa & Beach Club now offers energization with hot stones, chromo therapy, personal yoga, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu and many other facial and body treatments.
The big treat was the retrospective, from a '58 gold chromo flex suit and a '66 knit ring-collared mini dress to a '68 bikini and a 2004 sweater cape, hot sailor pants and yellow tank.