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A pigment precursor.
A microorganism capable of producing color under suitable conditions.
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according to the color theory devised by O. Witt, a substance containing chromophores—groups of atoms responsible for the coloration of various compounds. The term was also used to designate colorless substances found in animal and plant tissues that become pigments as a result of oxidation. V. I. Palladin proposed the term “respiratory chromogen” as part of his theory of plant respiration in reference to substances that become pigments through reversible oxidation. The equivalent Russian term is no longer used in the literature.

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Lastly, new software AI/IA can accurately pre-assess growth on any manufacturer's chromogenic agar for faster more accurate results, segregating presumptive positive cultures that may be missed on manual reading.
Different clinical samples other than the blood were cultured on MacConkey's agar plates number 3 (CM 0115) (Oxoid Ltd., Basingstoke, Hampshire, England) and the chromogenic media Chrom ID OXA-48 agar plates (BioMerieux, France).
CHROMagar MRSA-Evaluation of a New Chromogenic Medium for Isolation of MRSA.
The chromogenic agar has the advantage of identifying directly a target bacterium according to the morphology and chromogenic characteristic of its colony.
CHROMagar supplies the widest range of chromogenic culture media available, covering applications in clinical bacteriology, industrial microbiology, and quality control for food and beverage industries, water testing and environmental monitoring.
A previous study at our institution found discrepancies between Phoenix nitrocefin and a chromogenic cephalosporin test in the determination of penicillinase activity (14), which led us to prospectively investigate these differences and to compare results with Phoenix MIC values for penicillin and ampicillin and to compare results with ampicillin disk diffusion.
The Bland-Altman bias plots for all anti-Xa measurements demonstrated a negative bias, indicating that lower levels were detected by chromogenic methods, as compared with those obtained using LC-MS/ MS (Figure 1).
Strains that produce AY-glucosidase such as Enterococci and the Klebsiella-Enterobacter-Serratia group form blue colonies result from hydrolysis of glucoside a chromogenic substrate incorporated in the medium.
The technology is compatible with FFPE specimens, conventional chromogenic and fluorescent dyes, and is suitable for bright-field microscopy and multiplex analysis.
General topics include: smart inorganic materials systems, stimuli responsive polymers and gels, luminescent and chromogenic materials systems, non-volatile memory devices, metamaterials, graphene, and multifunctional materials for energy harvesting.
US Patent 8,287,767 (October 16, 2012), "Amorphous Polymers with Pendant Chromogenic Groups," Simona Percec, and Susan H.
Battleground Point #14, a 1999 chromogenic print by Richard Misrach, starkly depicts a gracefully curving desert sand dune reflected perfectly in a vast shimmering temporary lake created by a flash flood in Nevada's Carson Sink.