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After detailed history and examination, the current approach is to (a) identify the sex chromosome complement by karyotype analysis or FISH with X and Y probes and chromosome microarray; (b) gather additional phenotypic information by complete metabolic and endocrine testing as well as imaging studies, and (c) genetic testing for copy number variants in regions associated with known DSD genes or gene sequencing either for single candidate gene or a gene panel.
The same QF-PCR investigation was used to determine the parent of origin of the additional haploid chromosome complement.
In addition to this normal chromosome complement, sometimes additional chromosomes are found, called B chromosomes (Bs).
Cultured peripheral blood from this patient revealed a normal female 46, XX chromosome complement.
The chromosome races are defined as a group of geographically contiguous or recently separated populations which share a similar chromosome complement by descent.
The results provide insight into the sex chromosome complement in the most-recent common ancestor of the Cyprinodontina.
The chromosome complement of a female (174) from Mbarigui, the type locality of Ctenomys dorbignyi was 2n = 70 FN = 84, confirming the characteristic karyotype of this species, which possesses the highest diploid number of the genus (Fig.
TABLE 1 CHROMOSOME ABNORMALITIES AND THEIR FREQUENCIES AT PASSAGE 1 % % normal abnormal metaphases metaphases /total /total Age Chromosome complement metaphases metaphases 34 45,XX,-18 [2]/46,XX [16] 88.
About 15% of eukaryote species carry supernumerary (B) chromosomes in addition to members of the standard chromosome complement (A chromosomes).
Unusual chromosome complement in the brooding bivalve Lasea consanguinea.
The cells' chromosome complement showed no abnormalities, suggesting chromosomal stability.