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Most of the cases included in this study showed hypodense appearance with translucent center, yet the heterogeneous appearance was mostly observed in recurrent cases especially the one associated with chronic abscess.
The chronic abscess is due to the caries of the cervical spine the patient is adolescent the abscess is median in position and is unassociated with the toxemia.
Another possible clinical presentation is a chronic abscess of the breast that Lloyd-Davies.
It may mimic a simple cyst, fibroadenoma, chronic abscess, phyllodes tumor or even a carcinoma (9).
A 29-year-old female from South China with a history of swelling, discharge, and chronic abscesses of the right breast for more than 10 days presented to the Department of Breast Surgery in the Second Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.
However, chronic abscesses exhibit an ill-defined radiolucency at the apex of the tooth.
The histogenesis of tumor is unclear; it can arise from epidermoid cyst of breast, chronic abscesses or from metaplastic breast parenchyma4.

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