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see goatsuckergoatsucker,
common name for nocturnal or crepuscular birds of the order Caprimulgiformes, which includes the frogmouth, the oilbird, potoos, and nightjars. Goatsuckers are medium in size and are found in the temperate and tropical zones of both hemispheres.
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The brooding and provisioning behaviors of adult Chuck-will's-widows were monitored by videotaping at three nests when young ranged in age from 1-7 days.
Although both male and female Chuck-will's-widows incubated eggs, our observations suggest that females spent more time incubating than males.
During incubation, our observations suggest that female Chuck-will's-widows remained on eggs throughout most of the day and night.
Chuck-will's-widows on North Andros (7 survey routes), Grand Bahama (3 routes), and Great Abaco (4 routes), Bahama Islands.