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see goatsuckergoatsucker,
common name for nocturnal or crepuscular birds of the order Caprimulgiformes, which includes the frogmouth, the oilbird, potoos, and nightjars. Goatsuckers are medium in size and are found in the temperate and tropical zones of both hemispheres.
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Chuck-will's-widows experienced a 62% decline in the number of reported census blocks in the same time period, while common nighthawks showed a 71% decline.
In addition to common nighthawks, whip-poor-wills and chuck-will's-widows, five other species of goatsuckers live in North America: the lesser and Antillean nighthawks, buff-collared nightjar, common pauraque, and the common poorwill, one of only a handful of birds known to go into torpor, a state akin to mammalian hibernation.
As Brigham has found, nighthawks and their three wide-ranging North American relatives--the whip-poor-will, chuck-will's-widow and common poorwill--definitely are not hot research subjects.