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see iguanaiguana
, name for several large lizards of the family Iguanidae, found in tropical America and the Galapagos. The common iguana (Iguana iguana) is a tree-living, strictly vegetarian species found along streams from Mexico to N South America.
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The desert tortoise, native kangaroo rat, and a threatened amphibian called the desert chuckwalla would substitute as prey when rodent populations plummet around the dump.
I set out looking for fishhook cacti, chuckwallas, and spiny-tailed iguanas, all rare species monitored by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, where I work.
1974; Hansen and Clark, 1977; Olsen and Hansen, 1977); for example, epidermal remains in feces have been analyzed from the rhinoceros, which is mainly herbivorous (Gyawali, 1986), the chuckwalla, an herbivorous reptile (Hansen, 1974), the red fox (Scott, 1941), and the crops of grasshoppers (Brusven and Mulkern, 1960).
30, at Chuckwalla Hill, a popular target shooting area.
The purchase of Campbell, CA-based Chuckwalla brings additional DAM expertise to the NetX team.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 11, 2017-NetX Digital Asset Management Acquires DAM Technology Firm Chuckwalla
METHODS--Site Description--We conducted our study between July 2005 and June 2006 in the Sonoran Desert near Chuckwalla Valley Road, Riverside County, California (115[degrees]10'00"N, 33[degrees]38'00"W) at 250 m above sea level.
By the time of the sighting Haxel had been mapping in the southern Chocolate Mountains for more than two years, and was quite familiar with the only other large lizard species in the area, the Common Chuckwalla (Sauromalus ater).
We learn to recognize different cactus, are shown easily overlooked wood-rat dens, visit with a young chuckwalla lizard that several of us nearly stepped on, and get in a good scramble on the way up to one of the tallest points on the small island.