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see iguanaiguana
, name for several large lizards of the family Iguanidae, found in tropical America and the Galapagos. The common iguana (Iguana iguana) is a tree-living, strictly vegetarian species found along streams from Mexico to N South America.
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Virage's media indices, also called metadata, can now be read by the Chuckwalla system.
We were impressed with Chuckwalla v5's powerful customization and integration and its ability to leverage and enable content for multi-channel communication applications," said Harold Evans, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Van Gennep - M.
UNext will use the Chuckwalla system to manage its courses' rich media features.
By accelerating the development of rich Web pages, Chuckwalla software plays an integral role in enhancing the effectiveness of dynamic Web sites.
com and its customers," said Craig Lynar, Vice President of Marketing at Chuckwalla, Inc.
We're excited about the success eStar will have with Chuckwalla for widespread syndication of rich media," said Craig Lynar, vice president of marketing at Chuckwalla, Inc.
According to Forrester Research, Chuckwalla is part of a new trend in content management called "Broadband Media Management.
The Chuckwalla Bench lies between the Chuckwalla Mountains to the north and the northern Chocolate Mountains to the south (Fig.
Many kinds of wildlife inhabit the park, including Gila Monsters, Horned lizards, Gecko lizards and Chuckwalla lizards.
1974; Hansen and Clark, 1977; Olsen and Hansen, 1977); for example, epidermal remains in feces have been analyzed from the rhinoceros, which is mainly herbivorous (Gyawali, 1986), the chuckwalla, an herbivorous reptile (Hansen, 1974), the red fox (Scott, 1941), and the crops of grasshoppers (Brusven and Mulkern, 1960).
The project is located 35 miles west of Blythe and six miles north of Desert Center in the Chuckwalla Valley on approximately 3,800 acres - with 200 more acres for related infrastructure - of largely vacant land managed by the Bureau of Land Management.