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Angling chiefly US and Canadian chopped fish, meal, etc., used as groundbait


a Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus keta



the Russian name of a portable dwelling used by the Nentsi of the European part of the USSR and by the peoples of Siberia, including the Ket, Northern Yakuts, Oroki, Evenki, Nganasani, and Tuvinians-Todzhintsy.

The chum, built of 30 to 50 poles, was conical, with a round or slightly oval base and a floor diameter of 3 to 8 m. In the winter it was covered with sewn hides of reindeer, Manchurian deer, or elk, and in the summer, with boiled birch bark or, sometimes, canvas or burlap. The entrance was covered with hides in the winter and coarse fabric in the summer. In the center of the chum was a hearth. On both sides of the entrance were the sleeping areas; birch bark, willow mats, and dry grass were spread on the floor and reindeer hides were placed on top. With the transition of the nomadic peoples to a settled way of life, the chumy gradually fell into disuse and were replaced in some places by tents.

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The MSPs and their guests fell in behind the banners and the bands, and strolled chummily through the crowds down the grey Royal Mile in the pale morning sunshine.
He said he was still nuts about Carole, chummily apologised to Tony and Cherie for ``the mess a little help from your friends can get you in to'' and cannily plugged his forthcoming autobiography.
DEEP in the dark, sweaty bowels of the Cavern yesterday George Harrison's sister Louise sat chummily next to drummer Pete Best, the man ousted as a Beatle 40 years ago.
With a patronizing smirk, prosecutor Ken Starr chummily called him ``David.
In part, these passages read as a blasphemous parody of the creation (Hartman, speaking chummily of God, says, "He plays his games, we play ours') and a clinical dissection of the process by which men are "born again.
We trust that most viewers can see through this chummily subjective PR ploy, and not swallow it hook, line-and stinker