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Angling chiefly US and Canadian chopped fish, meal, etc., used as groundbait


a Pacific salmon, Oncorhynchus keta



the Russian name of a portable dwelling used by the Nentsi of the European part of the USSR and by the peoples of Siberia, including the Ket, Northern Yakuts, Oroki, Evenki, Nganasani, and Tuvinians-Todzhintsy.

The chum, built of 30 to 50 poles, was conical, with a round or slightly oval base and a floor diameter of 3 to 8 m. In the winter it was covered with sewn hides of reindeer, Manchurian deer, or elk, and in the summer, with boiled birch bark or, sometimes, canvas or burlap. The entrance was covered with hides in the winter and coarse fabric in the summer. In the center of the chum was a hearth. On both sides of the entrance were the sleeping areas; birch bark, willow mats, and dry grass were spread on the floor and reindeer hides were placed on top. With the transition of the nomadic peoples to a settled way of life, the chumy gradually fell into disuse and were replaced in some places by tents.

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In recognition of the donation, the CHUM will pay tribute to the visionary Quebec businessman by naming its amphitheatre, the architectural centrepiece of the new hospitals third and final phase, after Pierre Pladeau.
If conditions are right and chum is flowing well with the tide, it should take less than 30 minutes to get your first hookup.
Paul and his Impro Chums - Mike McShane, Lee Simpson, Richard Vranch and Suki Webster - take suggestions from the audience and spin them into comedy gold.
Nursery owner Joanne Wood said: "We've set up Baby Chums for mums, dads and their babies so they can meet new friends and to give them the opportunity to seek advice, help and support from each other as well as from the qualified nursery practitioners on hand at the nursery.
He would like to thank his fellow Chums for keeping him sane.
Weiser says his commercial chums are stimulants that put fish in the mood to feed aggressively, so it doesn't matter what baits are used, as long as they're baits favored by catfish.
Chum and pink salmon are released into the ocean as tiny fry.
They raised the pounds 20 that went to the sanctuary to pay for some of Chums needs.
For all those who reckoned The Romford Robot didn't have any chums, here's an hour-long slab of Nugget nostalgia to show just how pally he really can be.
Laurence (Joseph Fiennes) has two such friends, Frank (Rufus Sewell) and Daniel (Tom Hollander), chums he has known since his grade-school days.